Let the healing begin...

If everything in your life is going as planned, if you are not having relationship problems or any other problems, or if there is nothing at all from your past that needs to heal, then know that this website is NOT FOR YOU.

If however, like many of us, there are parts of your life that you wish to change, or there are episodes from your past that need some healing, if you at times feel overwhelmed, powerless, frustrated and don’t know where to turn, then please read on.

Suffering is often a wake-up call - a “check engine” light - a sign that something is seriously out of balance, and needs healing.

Let me share some healing stories with you…

My name is Donia. In 1995, I embarked on a healing process, a self-help journey, because I was sick and tired of my life alternating between a horror show and a B-movie, at its best.

I would never get what I really wanted and had worked hard for. Worst of all, I would have to put up with spiritual platitudes from friends and colleagues who did not have TRIED AND TRUE answers for me, but were simply trapped into:

“This is the way life goes, live with it (as the rest of us do).”

Don’t complain. Don’t try to change anything. Don’t rock the boat.

Life is hard. Grin and bear it."

I’ve heard it all.

The reality is that the more you shut down, the less you express yourself--- your truth that is---the more a prisoner of your problems you will become.

It is like a disease in your body, that you let expand and expand, WITHOUT REACTING or doing anything about it, until it is too late.

Why open my Pandora’s box? Why feel my pain? It is not going to change anything, anyway. That is the judgment that most of us have, while our mind asks: why bother?

Why bother?

Because if you don’t bother with your life’s problems and traumas, who will?

The only person who can make your problems “go away” is you.

The problems don’t go away by not doing anything about them.

They stay there, and they get worse.

“Yes, but I’ve already tried everything!”

If you mean that you have gone to self-empowerment seminars or followed psychotherapy, or bought self-help books or tried any of the dozens of healing modalities out there, I would say that indeed you have tried to help yourself.

But I have found out through many healing experiences that have taken me from a hermit’s life in the Canadian wilderness to the Amazon jungle, that I already have most of what I need inside of me to help myself, and change my life for the better, steadily, and in a real, sustainable, permanent way.

You do too.

The trick was that I needed to want to feel my true self, to get to know the real voice inside of me in order to empower myself, by myself. THEN and only THEN, was I able to manifest the positive results of the inner changes in my daily, physical, “outer” life.

Granted, at first, it is not so pleasant of an experience to feel your true self, especially after many years of being busy and numb. A lot of stuff comes up that has long been shoved down, set aside, or glossed over.

But with time, and persistence, combined with a real, firm intent to help yourself, it gets easier, and you can soon make real, visible progress in setting your life on the path that feels right for you.

I look at it as taking a cold shower. At first, it really hurts; the cold is almost unbearable, but after the initial reaction, your body starts getting used to it a bit… and after a few cold showers, you might actually start being OK with it, and start feeling the benefits of the increased circulation.

My own problem was overreaction, not lack of reaction. I did not shut down, BUT I did not know how to manage my pain and anger in a healthy and effective way, let alone improve my life.

I expressed so much all at once due to having so much pain inside, and being victimized all throughout my childhood, that I was judged to be “crazy”, “paranoid delusional schizophrenic”, and other unfair and dangerous labels… so much so that I landed in an asylum/psychiatric hospital at 12 years old, after my first suicide attempt.

After multiple severe beatings, suicide attempts and rape, I went to see a psychologist when I was 19. He prescribed to me a 25-YEAR program with a qualified colleague of his to be able to begin recovering, in his words.

I didn’t take his advice.

Instead, I went to see my inner psychologist, and isolated myself for 6 months in the woods to kick-off my recovery process.

Don’t worry: I am not advocating that you become a hermit.

I am wanting to share with you my healing stories because they’re real, and they have worked, and continue to, based on one principle: Be real with yourself, and committed to uncovering and recovering your true self. The rest will fall into place, and in a much better way than you could have ever imagined.

In 1995, I committed myself wholeheartedly to healing myself: my body, my soul, my emotions.

Fifteen years later, after many healing crises, spiritual encounters, retreats and travels, it has become clear to me that most spiritual messages do not provide REAL, PRACTICAL WAYS TO HEAL our wounds AND GET WHAT WE WANT OUT OF LIFE.

I have compiled on this site many of my experiences, insights, thoughts, and initiations into stories that connect to one another, and hopefully one or more may inspire you to heal your true self, and start living the life you really want.

The first step is always the hardest; although difficult, it will bring many rewards.

I invite you to come with me on this journey of self-knowledge and empowerment.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde

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