Best Weight Loss Program:

The Internet is filled with thousands of pages dedicated to weight loss tips, the best exercise machines for weight loss, and even the relationship between cinnamon and weight loss. Most promise fast, easy, and lasting results.

At least for me, it hasn’t been that easy.

The best weight loss program for me has been to mix a diet containing healing foods with the appropriate amount of exercise, as well as changing my body image.

An effective weight loss program starts with your having a balanced and loving image of your body.

Believe it or not, you must first be able to look at your body in a real, balanced way before seeing and getting real results on a physical level. The detoxification, or cleansing, from your mind of a negative self-image, in my experience, has to come before your body will be able to make and hold on to lasting, positive changes.

You can delay or even stop completely your weight loss and any other healthy physical change by feeding and maintaining a hateful mind vision of your body.

Haven’t you noticed that your body can look different to you, depending on how you feel?

One day you might feel bad, and, as you stare at your body in the mirror, the chances are that it will not reflect beauty back to you. The next day, however, you might feel like a million bucks, and your body will simply look gorgeous.

The point is that your mental image of your body shifts according to how you feel.

After 3 years of bulimia , and then another 15 years of eating disorders, mainly binge eating, and feeling self-hatred about my food habits, I am still dealing with some anxiety around food, but only minimally.

Today I am more or less accepting most foods I eat, and I generally eat well, with balanced choices, and appropriate portion sizes. I am still learning how to chew foods thoroughly, as it helps my digestion, not to mention chewing well fills us up faster. It is said that the brain takes about 20 minutes to register that we're full. I started to get those real and positive changes, after my gaze upon my body, the way I saw myself, especially in front of the mirror, consciously improved.

Your Gaze:

Gazing at my reflection is a work-in-progress, but at least once a day I try to be consciously present with my naked body in front of the mirror, and just let whatever thoughts and feelings come up inside of me. They are usually quite negative and critical, BUT, by allowing them to come up, I gradually wear them out, the negative ones, that is, by being simply conscious of my negativity, feeling it and accepting it.

It is like opening a bag of wet clothes. Once you take them out, wash them off and hang them up in the sun, the smell is gone.

As you move along your own personal healing path, you will find that there will be more and more times when that same body of yours, seemingly unchanged, will look better to you in front of the mirror. Each time you feel positive about your body image in the mirror, please take a moment to absorb the positive, smile at yourself, and tell yourself out-loud whatever positive words came up inside of you.

Again, you wear out the negative, by letting it evaporate, as you absorb the positive by focusing yourself on that positive moment. This is very important, as we seem to have an uncanny ability to retain the negative we receive and hear from others, but are unable to hold the positive about us. Following this complete approach, that is, including both the negative and positive but reacting differently to each pole, will help you to become conscious of your gaze, its effects on your body’s image and health, and your daily well-being.

I had a colleague, who would always put a little mirror next to her computer, in her little cubicle. That little mirror only showed a tiny part of her face, but not the double-neck nor the 250 pounds she was carrying; that part was kept hidden away from her view.

But keeping your body hidden away doesn’t change the reality, and isn’t healthy. Your body is like your baby, if you keep it away from the sun and the air, if you keep it covered, hidden, compressed, denied and disconnected, your baby or your body will only be able to reflect what it has received. It won’t be healthy.

I was always claiming that I would accept my body once I had the flat stomach I wanted, but it does not work like that. For me, the flat stomach I wanted was my destination, not my starting point.

I first had to get to know my body, to start feeling it, and looking at it in the mirror until my gaze became more balanced. At first my mind was making me believe I was carrying this gigantic belly, a monster I did not want to look at. Others also would make negative comments, reflecting to me exactly how I felt about myself.

Although today I still have a belly, much smaller but still not as toned as I would like it to be, I now consider my belly cuter, befitting of who I am. I know I will tone it gradually. I am at peace with it, for this is who I am. I am no longer waiting for that day when I will have a perfectly flat stomach; I wear bikinis now. I have been putting my belly under the sunlight for 3 years now, and it is definitely doing better, and looking better.

I always wondered why people from the Southern Hemisphere, darker people in general, seemed to carry their fat much better than white people. I finally got it while traveling in Brazil: they put it all under the Light, in the sunlight, without shame or judgment. This is how my body is getting its groove back: enough hiding it! Enough time spent in my prison of self-loathing and self-hatred! An added benefit is that people’s comments about my body are now quite positive.

How you look at your body is fundamental. Just like a child who blossoms and flourishes when receiving affection and proper care from humans, your body will react the same.

Get to know your body, feel it. KNOW it for what it really is, and work from there.

Combine a positive, loving, accepting attitude towards your body with a good exercise program and a diet of wholesome, tasty healing foods, and the weight loss you desire will soon become a reality.