Rules of Engagement at the
KA Healing Retreats

I am not crazy about rules because I truly believe in taking responsibility for one’s self, and accordingly one’s self-healing.  Notwithstanding, after some experience in the “real” world and in the healing arts, it has become clear to me that some basic guidelines can be useful.

1.    A retreat costs $1000 per person per week, and $1500 per couple per week. If you cannot afford this, please contact me, and we can try to work something out based on your income level and means.

2.    What is included in a retreat: pick up and drop off at the Fortaleza International airport, food and lodging, healing talks, and shamanic ceremonies including sacred medicine.

3.    A 50% deposit is required to book a retreat, with the balance to be paid upon arrival.

4.    If one is ready and willing to journey with shamanic plants, one will be required to sign a waiver.

5.   The first and last days of the retreat are for arrival, departure, and settling in, and there won't be any sessions as such.  For the 5 working days of your stay, I will be available approximately 8 hours each day for our sessions. There are no hours fixed in stone; I like to allow the sessions here to unfold organically in the way that is most beneficial and conducive to a healing process.

Around the main house @ KA Healing Retreat

KA Healing Retreats, between Caponga Beach and Cascavel in Ceara, Brazil
Star Cactus Flower @ KA Healing Retreat