Spiritual Healing In Real-Time

Blind faith in a static image of God, in gurus, in so-called chosen current messengers, in the “greater plan”, and in the after-life is killing us today.

One of the biggest motivating factors in my launching this site is that I have been starving for spiritual healing most of my life. Each and every time I came across a spiritual group advocating a certain spiritual practice, I found myself alienated from them rapidly, or I simply took my distance from them. Why?

Their practice and message was either too aloof, or I could not grasp it, hold it and apply it to reality. The leaders and members of the groups also rarely practiced what they preached, preferring to sound “knowledgeable” from above --- i.e. superior to me.

There is a trickling-down from on high of our sacred knowledge, reminiscent of trickle-down economics in which, in the words of comedian Will Rogers "money was all appropriated for the top in hopes that it would trickle down to the needy."

Real spiritual healing is scarce and difficult to access because Knowledge--humanity’s knowledge--that is nourishing to our soul has been hijacked, hoarded or trickled-down to us, the masses. Money, of course, can help open certain doors to spiritual healing; powerful healers are often “taken in” by the rich and famous.

One Qigong healer who underwent a number of challenging initiations, starting as a child, turned his mastery of Qigong healing into a money-making machine. Once he moved to the United States, his hourly rates went up to $500, and he’s often booked 6 months ahead!

Spiritual nourishment:

How do we get real nourishment from spirituality? How do we create a spiritual connection in our lives that not only really feeds our soul, but can also be applied in our daily life to move forward with our personal evolution?

When I asked these two questions to most spiritual people I met, these would be their answers each and every time, which just confused and bored me at best, or angered me at worst:

- You are judging the path of spiritual enlightenment.

- You are too interested in the material and the world.

- Spiritual growth is about God and Love, not about pettiness and worries.

- My soul is fed, so there must be something wrong with your process since you are not getting results as I am.

- You need some spiritual parenting to guide you.

- You are the only one responsible as you create your own reality.

And more in the same line… not once did any of them actually reflect honestly on my earnest questions, or on their process. They preferred to judge mine, and position themselves superior to me, choosing not to acknowledge how their so-called spiritual enlightenment was NOT working, except to enhance their arrogance. Had it been working, their words would have felt good to me! They simply were broken dusty records of spiritual superiority, denying the fact that we are also physical beings living in a material world.

I have often run across what seems to be a widely held belief that having material concerns and goals is NOT compatible with spirituality and spiritual healing. While it is true that money and materialism should not be one’s only goal in life, neither should material needs be denied in the name of spiritual growth. We are not made of air, but of flesh.

God is in the rain...and a rainbow appeared making One the great mosque and the great basilica.

My goal is NOT to widen the abyss between the material and spiritual world, but to bridge what is still separated today, so that I can both evolve personally, and also participate in the spiritual, energetic and physical healing of our planet earth.

Combining the lessons learned from life experiences with a sincere intention for spiritual growth, is, in my experience, the best way to connect body and soul, and to really move forward here and now.

Spiritual healing works when you freely choose the healing modality and context, and is not something that you impose on yourself. Especially in spiritual matters, you’re always guaranteed to land on your feet when you follow your free choice.

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